Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minnesota Naughty

Last week I attended a forum at the Minnesota History Center. It was called "History of Hip: Minnesota Naughty!" The forum explored Minnesota's racy side through two of their finest risque exports, pin-up artist Gil Elvgren- the Norman Rockwell of Cheesecake- and Munsingwear- Minnesota's claim to underwear fame.
Susan Marks was there as the first speaker of the evening. She has written a book called "In the mood for Munsingwear." She talked all about Munsingwear's being one of the first company's to use live models for there advertising.Something that was just not done in the late 1800's. Munsingwear was also known for their controversial ads, with numerous ads flirting with homosexuality. Munsingwear wasn't only known for their ads but for their Union suits. George Munsing, the father of itchless underwear, came up with a revolutionary and ingenious way to plate silk onto wool. Creating warm but non irritating unders.
This book has wonderful knowledge of undergarments and history of women's foundations. I am so glad that I purchased this book after the lecture, and as an added bonus Susan signed it for me. If you are interested in checking it out you can find it at your local book Barnes and Noble or Here. They probably have it at your local library as well. Give it a look.

On to the second part of the forum! Elvgren!

Gil Elvgren is one of my favorite pin-up artists. Although not as popular as Vargas or some would say Petty, I still like his girl next store images. She is always active getting herself in all kinds of trouble, but still cute as a button throughout the whole ordeal. These are the two originals they had on display:

Sara Murphy was the speaker and owner of these originals discussing Elvgren. Elvgren was raised in Minnesota and after high school attended Minneapolis Institute of Art (Which is about 5 blocks from my house). he later moved to Chicago where his studio was. He was known for often using neighbor ladies and friends as his models. As Sara explained, he was the type of man biographers hated. He was a quite man who loved his wife and was a wonderful father. (BORING!! Just kidding. I think it is refreshing!)
All in all, My best gals and I had a wonderful time. The photographer from the History Center, Bill Jolitz took these photos of the group of us gals and a few of me. He and I are going to do a photo shoot next month. I will be sure to blog about it after it happens.


Photobucket And lastly, I leave you with my Elvgren. I found it at the thrift store for $7.99. A steal! I have it hung in our bedroom. Whenever I wake up and see it, it makes me feel whimsical. In my opinion one of the best feelings to have in the morning!

"Teeter Taught Her"
Au Revoir!


  1. I really wanted to go to that sounds like it was great. You look lovely in the pictures!!! You know lots of ladies used to go to munsing to get patterns and material for making their own frilly panties I have had several ladies tell me this including my Mom.

  2. I wish you would have. I saw your post about being half dressed to go. I was going to say something then about it but got sidetracked.

    My great aunt just told me when she was here last week that she too used to go there for patterns. I still wish it was an existing company. Although IMS is one hell of a building with lots of businesses in it.

  3. you look beautiful! And what a steal indeed, your Elvgren! Love it!