Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Closet overhaul

Welcome to stage two of organizing and de-cluttering 2012!

Second stage, Closets.

closets before side

As you can see, I have exceeded the amount of space those boxes can accomodate. Leaving my closet always looking like a mess. So, I recently upgraded my scarf and stocking boxes. I have found so many new scarfs in the last few months that my box has overflowith. I decided while I was doing that to proporly fold them and colorize. Making finding the correct color a lot easier.

closet scarf upgrade

organizing scarfs

patterned scarfs

larger patterned scarfs


I also moved my hat collection a little higher in my closet to prevent me from damaging them now that the boxes are bigger. I also invested in a few more hooks so now I can hang more. I rediscovered several hats I had forgot about. I love that about reorganizing!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tying up loose ends

Hello Again!

2012 has some big changes on the horizon, so with that, for me, comes organization and de-cluttering home, closet and my mind.

I started and finished some projects that I have been putting off for quite a while. Earlier this winter I painted my bathroom, which had been in dire need of paint since we had a little fire over a year ago. It was a lavender color before, but now, a pinky peach! It's called "Friendship", and I love it. It came out just the way I wanted it too. I think it matches my original buttercup with gold fleck original 50's tile nicely. I found this great 60's peach wicker shelf.
New shelf
 These adorable chalkware poodles dated 1957 are also a new addition to the bathroom.


standing poodle


I also found earlier this summer these two spaghetti poodle figurines at a thrift store, one is a planter. That sad little plant is hanging on for dear life. The other was just to cute and tiny to pass up.

spaghetti poodle

Spaghetti poodle and planter
I never had any intention of having it a poodle themed bathroom, but I guess it just worked out that way.
There are still some improvements that I would like to make, but I like to do things in steps when I have extra money. That way I buy things I really like, rather then things that will work in a pinch.