Monday, August 29, 2011


I don't know about you but I am a designer junkie. When I used to work as a full time make-up artist I was especially immersed in fashion, fashion shows and designers. Now, several years later I still enjoy a day off at a cafe with Italian & Australian Vogue, W magazine and usually some other international mag that grabs my eye. I like to order up a latte and fantasize about owning fantastic designer wears, or gather inspiration for clothing I'd like to design. Because I am not currently designing any new lines, I am free to peruse as many magazines as I like. When I'm designing up a storm I tend to shy away from magazines as to not rip off someone else's work. But for now.....Bring on the magazines and the youtube videos of this season's big runway shows!!

I have a friend who works for Target corporate. Target's corporate offices are based her in Minneapolis. She is one of many who work on the Target international limited lines. This fall they are featuring MISSONI! I love the colors and the awesome "rick-rack" like patterns. Here is a video of the upcoming collection!

It launches September 13th! I don't know about you but I love the house wears and the coats. I am such a coat junkie (because it is always arctic here!) I am going to be sporting some new cute coats this fall.

Au Revoir,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dressed to kill!

The summer has been slipping away and I have been trying to hold on to the last bit of it with all that I am! I have taken the summer off from blogging, though who am I kidding I am not that frequent of a blogger in the winter either. baby steps, baby steps.

Anywhooo, I recently was asked to be part of a very fun project for a newer friend of mine. Sarah Holm is a fellow designer, and she asked me to be one of the leads in one of the 5 short films she is collaborating on.  She is making 5 outfits, one for each of the lead rolls of each film. During Minnesota Fashion week (same time as New York Fashion week) she will have these films playing in the back round while the model walk the catwalk in the same outfit. Pretty incredible idea if you ask me! To make the whole project even more amazing Sarah teamed up with Tyler Jensen an up and coming short film director. He is working on a project called 30 films in 30 days. He writes, films and edits these short films in 24 hours, for a whole month! Sarah and Tyler will be collaborating on all 5 films.
This is the film that I was in:

Dressed To Kill: Terminal Coolness, Or I Used To Eat Your Brains Before Everyone Else Did! from Tyler Jensen on Vimeo.

Tyler also just got word yesterday, that this film will be shown at Zombiefest in the UK! I believe this is happening next week. How cool!

Well, that's all for now. Once the summer slows down a bit I will start blogging again.

Until then,
Au Revoir