Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial day!

Happy Memorial day everyone! I am just about to go pay my respects to my grandparents at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. I was looking through these photos of my brother and I. He is away in the middle East. I miss him terribly, and wish that I could see him or even talk with him. Sadly, that is not a reality. Somehow seeing these photos make it easier for him to be away.


I love you Blake, and can't wait to through my arms around you. Come home safe to me.


Thank you to the men and women that risk their lives on a daily basis.

Au revoir!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

VLV Recap Wednesday quick add!

In my last Wednesday recap post I told you about the snow and meant to post this photo also! I was pulling my hair out of rollers when Noah waked into the bathroom with this:
and says "Pretty Girlfriend! I made you a farewell snowman, I hope you like it!"

This is just another example of how nice it was going from farewell snowmen to 85!

Thursday post up tomorrow,

Au Revoir!

VLV Recap Wednesday

I know, I know, a little late. My only excuse is that I went on a second "vacation" two days after getting back from Viva. I have finally gotten photos uploaded and am ready to spill the beans on my vacation(s)!

Wednesday morning I was up very early to finish last minute packing and wash and wet set my hair before we left. I open our bedroom curtains to check the weather, and 2 inches of snow had accumulated on my lawn, over night. My boyfriend says in a sleepy haze "what's the damage?" I continue looking out the window and mutter "At least the high is going to be 85 degrees this afternoon". Thats all I could say. This has been a cruel spring for Minnesota. After I got over my depression of the snow on the ground with a cup of coffee it was a whirl win of hair flowers, scarfs, last min pair of shoes, more accessories (just in case), another palette of eye shadow and as the door bell rang and my Dad was at the door to take us to the airport I stuffed in another "emergency" pair of shoes into my already stuffed suitcase. That brought the running total to 9 pairs of shoes. Excessive, I know!

The flight was a breeze. Stepping out into the fresh air outside the airport, it was warm and my mood instantly became 100% better. I had been wanting/needing this vacation for a long time! We waited in line for a cab, stuffed all out luggage in and suffered through the scariest cab ride I have ever taken. And that is saying something! I was so happy to arrive at the hotel. Our friend Ashley, a Vegas native, called us right as we were pulling up to the hotel, she was going to take us from the airport to Rancho Ronny's meet and greet, but she had just missed us. We decided to get settled in, change and she would pick us up and take us the the Wild Record pre-party instead of Frankie's tiki room. I was really looking forward to seeing Frankie's because Ashley talks about it a bunch but am really happy to take her advice and going to the Wild party instead. Wednesday night turned out to be one of my favorite nights of the whole trip.


Photobucket  Steph and Noah (Sorry the photo is blurry, but I only got a few photos because I was dancing up a storm).
Photobucket Myself, Ashley and Steph.

This was one of my favorite bands from the night.

One of the best parts about this event was that all the bands played on the same kit, which meant that change over time was almost non-existent. I think we literally heard 20-25 bands that night, all fantastic. It was the best start to the weekend. We stayed and danced till 6am.

Official viva posts coming up!
Au Revoir!