Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Closet overhaul

Welcome to stage two of organizing and de-cluttering 2012!

Second stage, Closets.

closets before side

As you can see, I have exceeded the amount of space those boxes can accomodate. Leaving my closet always looking like a mess. So, I recently upgraded my scarf and stocking boxes. I have found so many new scarfs in the last few months that my box has overflowith. I decided while I was doing that to proporly fold them and colorize. Making finding the correct color a lot easier.

closet scarf upgrade

organizing scarfs

patterned scarfs

larger patterned scarfs


I also moved my hat collection a little higher in my closet to prevent me from damaging them now that the boxes are bigger. I also invested in a few more hooks so now I can hang more. I rediscovered several hats I had forgot about. I love that about reorganizing!

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  1. *gasps* What an improvement. How I would like to go fossicking about in there!