Saturday, April 16, 2011

Le printemps est arrivé! Bien sorte de ...

Spring has sprung! Well, sort of.

It's freezing here, and they are talking about more snow this weekend! For the love! I just want to be warm! Thankfully I leave for Viva las Vegas in 4 days. With this deadline fastly approaching, but the warm weather not, I have decided to turn over my closets anyhow! I don't know about you be but I don't have enough closet space to keep all my winter garb and summer lovelies in one place. So, around this time in the spring I do a massive clothing swap. Although this is a tedious process, it keeps down the clutter, and prevents me from keeping things I never wear. If I haven't wore it once in a season then it either gets seriously evaluated, donated, given to girlfriends or thrown in a box to sell around that season the next year.

I haven't talked any about viva, because there is so much chatter about it on so many other blogs. I can't hold it in any longer though! I am sooooo EXCITED! I have never been, but have wanted to go for the last 3 or 4 years but it was never the right timing or I had to pay in for taxes due to being a subcontractor. This year I decided hell or high water my fella and I are going! It also happens to be his birthday weekend so it was added fuel to the fire to make it work. I have bought several new items including a couple vintage swimsuits, play suits and cocktail dresses. I can't wait to wear, but I also have some things still in spring storage that I need to dig out in order to pack them for my trip. I stopped for a break and some fresh air. My fell snapped a couple of pictures of me in my cleaning garb. I just pick up these dungarees last week. I don't own many pairs of Jeans but I am really enjoying these.


Dungarees- Tatters

Judy Brown button up shirt- Corner Store

Snood-Poohkttt ebay store

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will be packing up a storm!

Au Revoir


  1. You will have so much fun in Vegas I haven't been to a viva for about 4 years myself so I am definitely jealous.

  2. Lovely jeans! They really suit you :) and I'm jealous about viva too! Have a fabulous time!!

  3. You look so lovely and well done for putting all your winter stuff away! I wish I was that organised. I still have all mine bunging up my wardrobe but then again you never know which way the English weather will turn so it's probably better to be safe than sorry! :) I am very jealous of your VLV trip, I hope you and your man have a wonderful time. x

  4. I LOVE those pants, they're perfect! And they look so good on you too!!

  5. Ho please take as much photos as possible at Viva cause I never went there and it just sounds amazing!
    ps: You look lovely in those jeans!